Trans Cooler Parts

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  • 1/4 - 1/4 pipe nipples
    this is for a pair of .25 - .25 male pipe nipples. these are used on coolers to adapt to quick couplers from female pipe. ..
  • 12 inch cooling fan
    this is a replacement cooling fan for all styles of m.o.p. fan trans coolers. this measures 12 inches in diameter. Many others uses for this fan as well. ..
  • 3/8 hose set with fittings
    this is a 3/8 pipe hose set with fittings necessary to connect to trans and trans cooler. Available in 6',8' and 10' lengths. comes complete with 4 .25 - .375 swivel fittings and 2 .375 - .375 swivel elbows. ..
  • 3/8 swivel elbows
    pair of 3/8 x 3/8 90 degree swivel elbows. can be used for routing trans lines to the cooler ..
  • 90 degree 1/4 inch street el
    pair of 90 degree 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch pipe elbows. these can be used for hooking hoses up to your trans cooler ..
  • bulkhead fitting
    replacement bulkhead fitting. these are used on all the ice box style coolers and the reg fan coolers 1/4 inch pipe on both sides.   sold each ..
  • cooling fan mount tabs
    replace your broken cooling fan mounting tabs with set of (4). ..
  • econo cooler core
    this is the replacement core for the original/econo ice box type cooler. Also used on compact cage mt style fan coolers. ..
  • jic 90 hose sets
    these are the must have item if you are running a steel bell. use these with Nerat trans fittings to connect your trans cooler to your transmission. made with 4000 psi hyd hose for maximum durability. these hoses have a 3/8 male pipe fitting on one end and jic 6 90 on the other end. sold as a pair. ..
  • mopar fitting kit
    this kit will adapt from your mopar transmission to accept 3/8 male pipe ..
  • nerat trans fittings
    these are the Nerat trans fittings. a must have when running a steel bell. these adapt your gm trans to jic 6. ..
  • quick couplers
    replace your leaking or missing quick couplers with these 1/4 inch pipe quick couplers or use an upgrade to a cooler sold as a pair ..
  • replacement cooler for regular cooler
    this is a replacement cooler core for the dawg ice box cooler and reg fan type cooler ..
  • replacement hd cooler core
    this is a replacement cooler core for the hd style fan cooler. sold each ..
  • replacement sd cooler core
    this is the replacement core for the sd style ice box trans cooler. Also used as oil cooler on combo cooler. sold each ..
  • swivel adapters
    use these fittings to connect trans lines to trans or trans cooler. these are .25 male - .375 female pipe swivel sold per pair. ..