Gas Pedals

The Original Engine Mounted Gas Pedal - Accept no substitutes!

The M.O.P. Derby products Gas pedal line is the innovative design leader in the derby world. At M.O.P. Derby you get a complete unit including linkage ready to bolt on. Built in throttle stop is standard as always. No broken Carburetors here. Why buy from someone playing catch up?? The engine mounted pedal is designed to eliminate the throttle cable especially on the newer fords, or when a correct throttle cable is unavailable. This is also very helpful when installing a small block chevy or 4.3 chevy into mopars, Lincolns, amc, etc. This pedal has been used in derbies across the United States and Canada. With over 500 units in the field there have been many, many, feature wins on this unit. The extended design is now available as well as the original. The extended unit is 3 inches closer to the driver.

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