About Us


M.O.P. derby products is owned and operated by Ron Pazera. Ron has been involved in the derby world since the 80's.  He has built, drove, and inspected cars and now builds and sells parts for the derby world. It is the motto of M.O.P. to keep it simple, there is no point of overly complicated items in demolition derbies. He has been actively producing and selling parts for derby cars before some vendors even knew derbies existed. Ron began selling parts to the derby world in 2004 when friends suggested he produce a shifter fashioned after the one he had been using for competition for some 15 years. These shifters are still in production today and still racking up the wins. The M.O.P. shifter was featured on trucks several years back. Ron builds most of the parts he sells by hand at his own shop. Therefore he understands how they work and stands behind all products he sells. We will be working in the near future to get more derby related items on the new website so M.O.P. will be once again the one-stop derby shop. Come see us on Facebook as well as wecrash for shows we will be attending.