Trans Coolers

Buyers Guide for M.O.P. Brand Transmission Coolers

Econo Cooler: This cooler is to be used where space is an issue. IE. small cars with little interior space or full-size cars where typical heats do not exceed 10-15 minutes.

HD or SD Series Coolers: These coolers are to be used in full size cars in heats/features up to 45 minutes. After 45 minutes these coolers will lose their effectiveness due to the fact the water and the fluid will be about the same temp.

Fan Cooled (cage mount or floor mount): These are a good all around cooler for drivers who use an alternator. I do not recommend electric accessories to be used on cars that are not equipped with a charging system. These will continue to cool even in the longest heats and they do not require bags of ice to be added.

Ultra High Performance Fan Cooler: This cooler is the ultimate for transmission cooling. This will cool as long as the engine is running and transmission is working. Only to be used on cars with large interiors. wagons, imperials, old Lincolns.

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  • hd trans cooler
    This is the newly updated M.O.P. Trans cooler. This trans cooler is more versatile than previous models featuring a removable mounting bracket so it can be used as a floor mount or cage mount. It also features the new hose holding feature to keep your hoses secured to the frame of the cooler. T..