Steering Shafts

M.O.P. Telescoping Collapsible Steering Shaft

This is the steering shaft available from M.O.P. Derby Products. It features 2 sweet universal joints to provide for maximum flexibility. and quick release hub. This has 8 inches of slip so the steering wheel doesnt get close to you when the front end of the car bends up. This comes complete with lock collars, oversize heim joints. can be purchased with steering wheel and mounting plate. The quick release hub is shipped loose and will have to welded on after installation to determine the correct length. Available for 71-76 gms and 80's and 90's full size fords and metric gms.

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  • replacement column end
    this is a replacement end for a collapsible steering column ..
  • splined quick release hub
    3/4 inch splined quick release hub. includes steering wheel mounting hardware ..
  • steering column old gm/new ford/new gm/03 and up ford
    collapsible steering columns have 6 inches of slip built into the lower portion of the column. base column comes complete with 2 high quality joints, 3/4 shaft and 2 heims and 2 locks and quick release. optional column can be purchased with 15 inch steel steering wheel. Complete column also inc..
  • steering joint
    replacement steering joint for 3/4 shaft columns available in the following sizes 3/4 x 3/4 smooth old iron gm, new iron gm, ford, mopar ..
  • 15 inch steel steering wheel
    this is a heavy duty 15" steel steering wheel. ..
  • Do it your self steering column kit
    The do it yourself steering column kit to save you money. This kit includes the gearbox joint (ford, old iron or new gm) the middle joint, 2 heim joints, 2 lock collars, 1 quick release hub with hardware and 1 15 inch steel steering wheel. You just need to supply the 3/4 rod and slip section from th..
  • old ford column
    This steering column is for older fords with a 3/4 - 36 spline gearbox that mounts behind the wheels. It is shorter in length and has only one u-joint. the complete column includes column, quick release and steering wheel. The quick release is shipped loose to be welded on at installation. This will..
  • ford rag joint eliminator
    This can be used to eliminate the lower part of a ford column including the rag joint. Works great when using the stock steering column on a crown vic.   this has a double d type slide. ..
  • shorty steering shaft
    this is for a steering shaft for old iron gm. These come in 2 lengths one for bop and chevy. This fits in place of the steering shaft as a direct replacement from steering column to gearbox. ..
  • spring loaded quick release
    spring loaded quick release hub for 3/4 steering shaft ..
  • quick release hub
    3/4 inch spring loaded quick release hub fits most standard 3 bolt steering wheels. includes weld on nut. ..
  • steering column mounting plate
    this is a 1/4 inch steel mounting plate for mounting your steering column. ..