engine cooling

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  • 1 inch fan spacer
    Use this high quality 1 inch aluminum fan spacer to space your fan away from your engine pulleys and closer to your radiator. This can be used with the plastic flex fan. Includes hardware shown for mounting. ..
  • 12 inch cooling fan
    this is a replacement cooling fan for all styles of m.o.p. fan trans coolers. this measures 12 inches in diameter. Many others uses for this fan as well. ..
  • 16 inch engine cooling fan
    keep your derby car cool with this 16 inch electric cooling fan. 2010 cfm 8.5 amp draw. includes fan mounting kit. ..
  • 17 inch plastic flex fan
    protect your radiator while getting the benefits of excellent cooling with this 17" plastic flex fan ..
  • 17" 6 blade steel fan
    You can move lots of air through your radiator with the 17 inch 6 blade steel cooling fan. features slotted holes for universal installtaion. you will need to use a fan spacer to get proper distance.   ..
  • 19 x 24 gm radiator
    19 x 24 aluminum gm radiator with drain plug. works good on crown vics to minimize damage to sides of radiator. ..
  • 19 x 27 gm radiator
    keep your car cool with this 19 x 27 aluminum radiator. this is set up for chevy fits nice in vics. ..
  • 19 x 28 gm radiator
    keep your car cool with this high qualtiy 19 x 28 aluminum radiator. set up for chevy   rad cap not included ..
  • 19 x 29 gm radiator
    19 x 29 aluminum gm radiator ..
  • 19 X 31 gm radiator
    Here is a great deal on a 19 x 31 aluminum gm radiator. Get them now before they are gone ..
  • 2 inch fan spacer
    use this high quality aluminum 2 inch fan spacer to space your fan away from your engine pulleys and closer to your radiator. this can be used with the flex fan. ..
  • 22 psi radiator cap
    22 psi rad cap raises boiling point above stock ..
  • cooling fan tie kit
    use this to mount your electric cooling fans to your radiator. ..
  • fan spacer adapter
    this is a fan spacer adapter used to adapt a 3.0 litre ford 12 blade fan to a small block chevy or LS engine. fan is sold separate ..
  • fan spacer and 12 blade combo
    this includes a brand new 12 blade plastic fan and a 1 inch fan spacer bolts to sbc or ls engine or similar. ..
  • flexible radiator hoses
    Choose from 3 hi quality gates flexible radiator hoses. The uppers are 25" and 30" ..
  • high psi radiator cap
    raise the boiling point of your cooling system with this 29-31 psi radiator cap. Manufacturer may vary on this item due to availability. ..
  • joes switch panel with 2 assy switches
    This switch panel has 2 extra assessory switches. these can be used for trans cooler fans, engine radiator fans or fuel pumps. ..
    This spacer is for you guys running ls engines. This threads on your water pump so you can use a bolt on fan to eliminate the fan clutch.   ..
  • oil cooler adapter
    ~~Fits 13/16"-16 threads. Designed to fit most small and big block Chevy V8's with recessed filter landing. •Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter •Mounts oil filter with 13/16"-16 threads •3-3/16" Filter Flange ID •3-7/16" Filter Flange OD 1/2" female pipe inlet and outlet ..
  • radiator eliminator
    here is an item to eliminate your radiator on short heats. Tired of wrecking a radiator on a car for half a heat? here is the answer.   adapts 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 hoses ..
  • swivel thermostat housing
    A must have with distributor protectors to route your radiator hose properly without interference. comes complete with oring and bolts ..
  • synmax water kooler
    16oz - Concentrate treats up to 3 gallons • Protects the entire engine and radiator coolant   system. • Up to double the chemical additive concentration   levels as compared to other comparable products. • Premium thermal chemical & liquid cooling   technology increases cool..
  • 12 blade ranger fan
    This 12" blade fan is the answer to move an insane amount of air. Spacer/adapter is sold separate. ..